Sand Springs Mt. Farms is nestled in the southern low lying mountains of Somerset County PA. The Farm is a small agro-business and a continual work in progress. The original farm is said to be over 250 years old. We specialize in pork. Our pigs are corn and soy fed, with a natural mineral(no junk additives). We contract with local farmers for locally grown grains and bedding supplies. At Sand Springs Mt. Farm we use conventional tillage in an unconventional way. We have our pig herd plow our field plots. We refer to this as a Pig Plot Tillage System (PPTS). This type of system tills and purifies the soil as well as saves fuel and time. The PPTS has helped we as a small farm cut costs and maximize production time.

About Products & Animals

Sand Springs Mt. Farms, at present, only offers pork, But we are expanding into poultry(chicken). We raise and cross breed three breeds of pigs. Duroc, Hampshire, and Yorkshire. We sell our pork in wholes,halves,and quarters.  All other orders go through one of our local US inspected butchers. Our sows gestate on woodlot and rotational pasture. Because of Pennsylvania's noted weather temperature ups and downs, the sows farrow in a bank barn. Our piglets are raised to butcher size inside the barn on straw and hay bedded pack(we soon hope to have them on rotational pasture).  Our pigs are noted for producing a bit more fat in the muscle tissue. This small bit of extra fat ensures better flavoring of the meat, by your butcher of choice(which equals MMMMM-MMMM Good). "These are the pigs that your grand-daddy use to raise".

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